AMD Industries Inc., Acid Mine Drainage Water Treatment and Environmental Protection

About Us

Through the years we have been able to save our clients millions and millions of dollars, through our common sense approach to treating mine water. We believe the simplest approach is always the best due to low maintenance and low cost.

They key to our success is our highly trained, experienced on-site staff. Our flexible organizational structure allows our employees to move between sites based on the particular requirements of the job. Our employees have emanated from the coal industry, with the majority having underground and surface “hands on management” operating experience. They are constantly looking for more efficient and economical approaches for any and all of our operations.

We are capable of performing construction work, both mining related and general (electrical, mechanical, civil and general building), eliminating the requirement to employ outside contractors. Our operators have intimate knowledge of each location, specific equipment, and potential foreseeable upset conditions. Our employees are hard working and loyal, which has resulted in a very low turn over rate.

Our staff is trained to meet the following standards:

Our “on the job” management team allows clients to have access to the principals of our company at any time. Our perfect track record with state and federal agencies (zero citations or lost time accidents), provides peace of mind that AMD Industries, Inc. is the trusted partner you want for your acid mine drainage needs.